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Hydroforming Process

California Hydroforming is committed to meet and exceed the requirements of our Customers, External and Internal. Our goal is to Continuously Improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and to Fulfill Our Quality Objectives.

As you can see we have lofty standards at California Hydroforming and strive to perform at the highest standards for our customers. We believe that our 65 years of development in bladder hydroforming has allowed us to be a leader in the field. Hydroforming is our business and we take pride in all the products we produced.

Hydroforming Facilities List

  • 12 inch - regular
  • 12 inch - high speed
  • 19 inch - regular
  • 25 inch - high speed
Advantages of Hydroforming
Savings in tool cost:
  • Simplified tooling, only a male punch and draw ring are generally the only tools required. The rubber diaphragm acts as a universal female die.
Simple tool installation:
  • Tools are quickly mounted and are self-centering and self-aligning.
Versatility in forming complex shapes & contours:
  • Irregularly contoured shapes are easily formed using the Hydro form process because matching dies are not required.
Minimal material thin out:
  • Hydroforming flows the metal rather than stretching it. Therefore, the material thin out is minimal, usually less than 10%. Wall thickness at the open end of the part is typically nominal or slightly greater, depending on initial thickness.
Fewer operations required:
  • Many parts requiring two to three operations on conventional presses can be formed in one operation.
Material versatility:
  • Practically all sheet metals capable of being cold formed, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, precious metals, inconel (nickel alloys), titanium, Haynes 188 and others, can be hydroformed. Material thickness from .010 to .500 can be formed.

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